Plumbley Colliery Disaster Headstones Installation, Cleaning and Cemetery Service.

Installation of the headstones of the three children`s graves which replaced the white crosses in Eckngton Cemetery, and also the cleaning of Alfred William`s headstone to commemorate the 125 years anniversary of the disaster. A service was held in Eckington Cemetery on Sunday 15th March 2020 to bless the headstones taken by Reverend Andy Walker, and Ireland Colliery Brass Band were also present. Thank you to Councillor Martin Thacker for making the commemoration into something very special.

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Plumbley Colliery Disaster Headstone Fund.

Many people locally will know of the sad events of the Plumbley Colliery disaster and be aware that in October 2007, Mr Stan Ryan of Lansbury Road, Eckington paid for three white crosses to be placed on the graves of the children alongside the headstone of Alfred Williamson who is buried in Eckington Cemetery, Alfred aged 24 lost his life trying to save the children from drowning in the icy pond alongside Seldom Seen Engine House in Eckington Woods.

A recording of a re-enactment of events on that fateful day can be viewed on 
You Tube – Plumbley Colliery Disaster 16th March 1895.

Gary Daynes of Daynes Monumental Ltd, Killamarsh has offered to supply and erect three headstones made from portland limestone and hand carve the names and the date of the disaster for each child, to replace the wooden crosses that are now showing signs of wear. This will be to commemorate the 125th anniversary in March 2020 of the disaster. Eckington Parish Council has approved the installations of the headstones and has waived the fees. Gary has also offered to clean Alfred Williamson’s headstone as part of the project. We are indebted to the Parish Council and to Daynes Monumental Ltd who have now ensured the project can commence.
We are looking to raise £1000.00, and we would like this to be a community project where anyone and everyone can be involved.

We have set up a Go Fund me page where people can donate, and it doesn`t matter how small the donation is, it will be much appreciated. There will also be a donation box at Daynes Monumental Ltd offices, on Sheffield Road, Killamarsh.

The Plumbley Colliery Disaster is well known to locals and beyond, and to have three permanent headstones erected for the children would be a lasting tribute. Click Here to donate.

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